• CAD = Computer Aided Design

• Can be used for any design – Buildings, Machines, Automobiles, Satellites, Footwear, Apparels, Jewelry…

• CAD technology became popular in the 80s.

• Just like Word processors have replaced Typewriters,

Photocopiers replaced carbon copies & Ammonia Prints

CAD is rapidly replacing manual Design & Drafting.

Company Profile

We uniquely address the CAD needs of large and small businesses, as well as Professionals, Students, academic and corporate entities.Providing solutions & training on cutting edge software technologies in various branches of Engineering.

We cater to all aspects of CAD

  • Drafting (AutoCAD, CADian etc.)
  • Modeling (ArchiCAD, Pro/Engineer W F, SolidEdge, Solid Works etc.)
  • Analysis (Staad Pro, ANSYS, GT STRUDLE, MSC Nastran etc.)
  • Manufacturing (Edge CAM, Delcam etc) (Soon to be introduced)

  • Scope
    Computer Aided Design

    Engineers, Architects 
    Government Departments
    Diploma Holders, Draftsmen 
    Government & Utilities
    Graduates in Geology 
    Highways Department
    Diploma Holders in Civil & Geology 
    Electricity Distribution
    Arts & Science Graduates 
    Water, Oil and Gas Supply
    Fine Arts students 
    Forestry & Agriculture
    Interior and fashion design 
    Manufacturing Companies
    Construction Companies
    Graphic Designers
    Map Companies & Survey Department


    P r o j e c t P l a n n i n g  &  M a n a g e m e n t

    Project Managers 

    Senior Software Professionals

    Planning, Scheduling Engineers

    MBA Holders

    Project Leaders in IT 

    Event Managers

    Construction Engineers 

    MBA Aspirants

    Maintenance Engineers 

    Event Managers
     Engineers aspiring to work in Project Companies

    Anyone using Pencil on Paper…

    …To Make Drawings, Design a product or to Manage a Project…

    All executives involved in any drawing or design activity



    The company’s objective is to introduce and train the engineering firms, professionals, Students, academic and corporate houses on these Sophisticated technologies which are already in use throughout the world.

    These technologies will help the Professionals, Students, academic institutions, industries and engineering firms to learn and implement industry specific skills.




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